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Ambitious man is a dangerous man essay

The <em>Essays</em>, by Francis Bacon <em>essay36</em> Of Ambition

The Essays, by Francis Bacon essay36 Of Ambition FRANCIS BACON, "Of Ambition", Ambition is to the mind what the cap is to the falcon; it blinds us first, and then compels us to tower, by reason of our blindness. Ambition is like choler; which is an humor that maketh men active, earnest, full of alacrity, and stirring, if it be not ambitious men, if they find the way open for their rising, and still get forward, they are rather busy than dangerous; but if they be checked in their desires, they become secretly.

<i>Dangerous</i> Minds 1995 - IMDb

Dangerous Minds 1995 - IMDb Explains the place of ambition in this tragedy: The danger of ambition is well described; and I ... Machiavelli thought ambition a dangerous vice…for Machiavelli ... Includes cast and crew, user comments, external links, awards and nominations, plot summary, quotes, soundtrack listing, film details, links and promotional material.

Grayson Perry The rise and fall of Default <strong><strong>Man</strong></strong>

Grayson Perry The rise and fall of Default Man For if they rise not with their service, they will take order, to make their service fall with them. Attack of the clones Default Man is so entrenched in society that he is “like a Death Star hiding behind the moon”. Artwork by Grayson Perry

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